What is Simply Sacred?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Do We Suffer From Sideshow Syndrome?

Some guy once said, “When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show …”

I agree. In life, there are times when I get this uneasy feeling of being lost – like I’m wandering into a seedy sideshow of unusuals and shadowy figures. It’s uncomfortable. Yet, there it is – it comes into “town” and pitches tent every so often.

The world offers its own versions of the The Bearded Lady, The Elephant Man and The Siamese Twins. For each of us, the absurd comes in various ways. Mine are different than yours and I dare not list, for what may be perfectly normal and acceptable to you, may not be to me. (OK … I’ll list one … The other day, I actually saw a TV interview conducted by a green M&M … what the ???)

So do we embrace or abhor the weird ways of the world?

The reality is, we live in this wonderful, weird world, so, to a certain extent, the freakishness is inescapable. However, its imperative we learn to protect our spirit from the oddities that confound us.

Simple Ways To Avoid the Sideshow Syndrome

“Don’t Look.” You’ll be tempted. Sometimes just removing yourself from an uncomfortable situation will give you enough strength to nurture your spirit.

"OK … You Looked." Nothing wrong with that, but now you’re feeling a bit of that uneasiness. You paid your penny, but no one says you have to stay! Nurture your spirit with an activity that draws out your inner and removes that outer film. Find an activity that “returns you to you!” – something genuine, real and not manufactured.

Cocoon and protect your precious spirit. Live simple, so the small sacred moments are the ones that direct you to what is real and not the freakish dark and confusing corners of this “show” we call life.