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Friday, March 2, 2012

Can I Have One of Those Handsome Spaniards To Go, Please?

Our cute, and sophisticated Kathryn!
Once there was a girl named Kathryn. She was quite the adventurer traveler. Now she's in Spain and I am not .. does that actually make her "hot?"

In the "olden days" (think of the movie,"Room with a View.") Young girls were encouraged to travel the world. To learn the finer arts and return home to settle into domestic life. It all sounds so romantic (especially when you are end up making out on a windowsill with a gorgeous man overlooking Florence... like in the movie.)

Do we fantasize of romantic places, people and experiences. I do (within reason.) Sometimes those fantasies end up being sitting at home reading a good book about romantic places and people. Now, when I use the term romantic, its not in a love term. It's more of a term that gets one to reach outside of their everyday doings.

I'm not condoning a Bohemian lifestyle! :)
Kathryn just happened to choose Spain. My other niece, Meryn is going to the Scotland for a semester (there is NOTHING like a good looking Scotsman -- especially in a kilt!)

Some of us have had the chance to travel as young girls. Other of us have had to wait a while, but was worth it!

Travel is easy. No waiting in lines. Extra baggage fees or that uncomfortable seat mate.

We can travel the world in our minds. Watch it on TV. However, if you are ever given a chance to actually travel ... DO IT!

*How do you "travel?"*

Simple Sacred Steps:

  • Be a traveler. Doesn't matter where or how. Just do it.
  • If you get the chance. Add a little romance to your wanderings -- even with that man who keeps you up all night with his snoring!

Kathryn, make sure to grab some drop dead, dark, gorgeous stranger of a Spaniard and lay a "big one" on him before you come back here to good old America! (Then tell your Aunt Jeanne all the delicious details!)

Simply Put and Love, Your Aunt Jeanne

Today's romantic recipe:  Paella 


  1. We're going to Prague in 12 days. I probably won't grab a random stranger and kiss him but I'll keep an open mind.

  2. Oh do it ... you might better night with your partner that you've had in a LONG TIME!

  3. Jenny Fio ... BTW ... he has to be drop dead gorgeous ... not some middle age grandpa (haha)!) You know, Orlando Bloom-ish!! Get my point?! Have fun in Prague!

  4. I LOVE the BLOG!!!!! I really enjoy all of the recipes, and your FUN stories. Keep them coming!!!!!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks so much Utah McMonsters! More to come! I got some great recipes on their way!!

  6. What a fun blog, Jeanne! And I love this post about our favorite Kathryn :) That is such a cute picture of her.