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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women: We Can Shake it AND TAKE IT!

Sure God created man before woman.  But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece.  
~Author Unknown

This is what I get for not posting everyday -- so much to yap about and not enough time, nor space to share with my worldwide friends. Well ... this will teach me a good lesson!

First off ... Happy International Women's Day! I claim this groovy gal, Elizabeth Cady Stanton as one of my own, Now .... she doesn't look like she was much of a powerhouse. Stanton narrowed her political focus almost exclusively to women's rights, she was an active abolistionist. She was also involved in issues including women's parental and custody rights, property rights, employment and income rights, divorce laws, the economic health of the family, and birth control. And on top of all this, she was Momma to eight children! Bonnets and petticoats off to you, Elizabeth Cady Stanton!

Last night, I had a visit from a woman who was just as powerful as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, but in a gentle, loving way. She was my Godmother and one of my single aunts. Aunt Margaret died a month ago. I do miss her very much. In fact, every night, before going to bed, I whisper, "Meg, you can come for a visit tonight."

Well, last night, she took me up on my invitation! I was awaken by the sensation of my blanket being pulled up over my shoulders. (Which was the last thing I did before I said "cheerio" to her before her death.) Now, the husbster was upstairs working,  so who else could have it had been accept for the one women I invite into my dreams every night -- Auntie Meg! She was really there ... taking care of her little girl, who is going through a tough time right now. I actually called out her name ... but nothing ... Just the feeling, just the love ... that's all I needed.

This blog is for all the beautiful women in our lives. Mommies, StepMoms, Gramdma's Aunties, Sisters, Nieces, Friends and Ancestors.  They have made our lives what they are today ... fuller ... richer ... (maybe a bit crazier!) but still their influence DNA'S its way into our psyche!

Simple Sacred Step

What do you do to 

recognize the women in

 your life?

I bet you've never won a MAJOR AWARD ... no its not a sexy-fringed leg lamp! It's the Liebster Blog Award recognition for up and coming blogs that merit attention and KUDOS! I'd like to thank my beautiful (inside and out) friend, Melanie Weeks Kirtland for the SHOUT OUT! I will add my two fave blogs when I actually wake up for the day! Today's Yummy for the Tummy, will be my mother's for Rice Pudding recipe! For now, I'm going back to bed!




Simply Put, Jeanne


  1. Oh Jeanne, Thank you for this post. I am so glad that Meg came to visit last night. Many of us are not powerhouses in our lives. Yet many of us simply love. There is more power in love than in anything else. No matter what we do, when we do it in love there is power to change hearts and souls...and the world.

    I love you and I love your writings. Done with so much love.

    Love to you! Elisa

  2. So when do we get the rice pudding recipe? I love rice pudding!

  3. I'm going to try to make it TONIGHT ... two versions .... brown rice and white rice. Comfort food at its best!