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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Scared Sacred ... Where Is The C?

Its dark, too quiet and the only thing I can feel is my racing heartbeat. Out of somewhere deep and primeval, a sob rises out of my throat. Fear has found me ... surrounded me and pinned me down for another long night of assault.

Where and when did this sweet little girl Jeanne ... become so scared? Well ... this sweet (not so little) girl, Jeanne is still scared. Perhaps not always of the dark, but of the dark unknown of her life. I still sob. I am still scared. Scared of growing old. Scared of being without my wonderful parents. Scared of the storms. SCARED.

Strangely enough, as I started writing my blog, I found myself being scared not to spell "Scared" instead "Sacred." A mental "whoa" came to me. Why not write about The Sacred Scared.

It seems like an oxymoron -- "Scared" has no place with the "Sacred!" However, being scared can actually lead you to the Everyday Sacred. The chance to see your true sacred self ... The spiritual self that gently leads you to a greater understand of the worlds around you.

How? If you look purely at the words themselves -- the only difference between the two words is the placement of the "c." How do you "see/C" your problems or fears?

Does it depend on your perspective ... how do you see or view what is scaring you?

Simply Sacred Step for today:: When you find yourself scared. Open your mind. Breathe ... Don't Sweat ... Just allow the fear to happen. Stop. Where is that "C?"

"Scared = sacred." When something new or different scares you, you're experiencing a sacred moment within your soul and within the universe. - Sarah Ban Breathnacht

Simply Put, Jeanne

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